November 7, 2015

Rudra Mahalaya Temple - Siddhapur, Gujarat

Site Name: Rudra Mahalaya Temple
Site Type: Ruins of the ancient Hindu temple
Location:  Siddhapur, Gujarat state, India
Highlights: The once magnificent temple that belongs to 12th century CE
Nearest Railway Station: Siddhapur
Nearest Airport: Ahmedabad, at a distance of 110 kms
How to reach: Well connected by road from Ahmedabad
Hotel: Very limited options
Restaurants: Very limited options

Siddhapur is a historical place located at a distance of about 110 kms from Ahmedabad in Gujarat state of India. Let me briefly talk about Rudra Mahalaya Temple of Siddhapur in this article. As I visited the place many years ago, I do not have digital photographs of the site. Also, I am unable to provide detailed description of the city. Hence, this article from mine will be unusually brief.


As per the legend, the sage Dadhici donated his bones to Indra in Siddhapur. In the ancient time, it was located at the junction of two great rivers, Ganga and Saraswati. 

In the period of Mahabharat, the Pandavas visited this site during their exile. 


Siddhapur became very popular during the reign of Solanki Kings in the 10th century CE. The King Siddharaj Jai Singh built his capital in this site and thereafter the site was named as Siddhapur. The king built the magnificent Rudra Mahalaya temple for Lord Shiva. He brought many priests from Mathura and made them to settle down in Siddhapur. In the 12th century CE, Muhammad Ghori destroyed this temple. It is said around 30,000 people in Siddhapur lost their lives.


Today, the magnificent temple of Rudra Mahalaya Temple is in ruins. We can find some beautiful sculptures, pillars with carvings and arches left in the complex. Few Shiva Linga idols are also found. The site is under the maintenance of ASI.

When the King built this temple, it was considered as an architectural marvel with 1600 pillars, three storied shikhara and 12 entrances. 

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