October 24, 2015

Vijaya Raman Temple - Thanjavur

Site Name: Vijaya Rama Temple
Site Type: Hindu temple 
Location:  Mela Masi Veethi (West Main Street), Tanjore city, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: An old temple of Ram in the locality
Nearest Railway Station: Tanjore
Nearest Airport: Trichy
How to reach: Well connected by road and rail
Hotel: A lot of options across the entire Tanjore city
Restaurants: A lot of options across the entire Tanjore city

Those who know about Thanjavur (Tanjore) city in South India know mainly about the great Brahadeeswarar Temple built by Raja Raja Chola around 1000 years back. However, there are many rare and interesting sites found across the entire city. Let us explore about an interesting temple named Vijaya Rama temple in this article.

The West Main Street, which is called a Mela Masi Veethi in Tamil language, is a well known locality for the citizens of Thanjavur. If someone wants to explore Thanjavur beyond the Big temple, he/she can start with this street. Bangaru Kamakshi temple is located in this street. The very next structure of this temple is Navaneetha Krishnan temple. Few buildings away from the Krishnan temple, there is a temple dedicated to Ram called as Vijaya Raman Temple. This temple is under the administration of Thanjavur Palace Trust.

Vijaya Raman temple is south facing temple has a colorful 5-tiered Raja gopuram (tower). The tower if full of stucco images of Vaishnaivite tradition and there are some erotic sculptures too.

The temple belongs to Nayakas period and must be 300-350 years old. The moolasthan (sanctum sanctorum) enshrines small idols of Ram along with Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman. The temple has just one prakara (circumabulatory passage). A small shrine with Garuda is found facing towards the main deity. Also, there is a small sub-shrine dedicated to Hanuman in this temple.

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