October 24, 2015


Site Name: Porbandar
Site Type: Historical and religious site
Location:  Gujarat state, India
Highlights: Birth place of Gandhiji
Nearest Railway Station: Porbandar
Nearest Airport: Porbandar
How to reach: Well connected by road from all important towns/cities of Gujarat
Hotel: A lot of options across the city
Restaurants: Varieties of options across the city

Porbandar is an important tourist attraction located in Gujarat state in India. The most important site in Porbandar is the birth place of Mahatma Gandhiji.  Let me briefly present the descriptions of all the important sites of Porbandar in this article. As I visited the place many years ago, I do not have digital photographs of the site. Also, I am unable to provide detailed description of the site. Hence, this article from mine will be unusually brief.

Kirti Mandir:

The main attraction of Porbandar is Kirti Mandir. It is a three storeyed building where the ancestral house of Mahatma Gandhiji was located. The exact brith place of Gandhiji in this house is marked with a swastik symbol. 

Near Kirti Mandir, the Gandhian library, a prayer hall and other buildings related to Gandhiji are found.

Behind Kirti Mandir, there is Navi Khadki. It is the site where Kasturba, Mahatma Gandhiji's wife was born.

Sudama Temple:

Incidentally, the birth place of Mahatma Gandhiji is the birth place of Sudama also. Sudama was the poor man and dear friend of Lord Kirshna. It is believed that he was born in Porbandar. Hence, the city was called as Sudamapuri in the olden days. There used to be a old temple for Sudama in those days. In the exact site where the old temple was located, in the beginning of 20th century CE, the current temple of Sudama was erected. 

The marble temple architecture is simple and it is a small temple. The main shrine enshrines Sudama and his wife. 

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