February 20, 2015

Kodaikanal Wax Museum

Site Name: Wax Museum
Site Type: Hill station, Museum
Location: Near Green Valley, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: Wax museum, which is rare in India
Nearest Railway Station: Kodai Road 
Nearest Airport: Madurai 
How to reach: Well connected by road from Kodaikanal town
Hotel: A lot of options are available in Kodaikanal and Dindigul
Restaurants: All options - vegetarian and non vegetarian; North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, etc. in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is one of the most popular summer destinations of India. Thousands and thousands of travelers visit this popular hillstation named as 'Princess of hillstations'. It is located near Dindigul in Tamil Nadu state of India. After Ooty, it is the most visited hill resorts in Tamil Nadu. There are many interesting tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. Wax Museum, which is located near
Green Valley is a latest addition to the tourist attractions in Kodaikanal. Let us explore about this site in this article.

At the time of writing this article, in 2015 CE, the wax museums are rarely found in India. It might be very common in the foreign countries. However, it might take time for wax museums to be established in India. Hence, this wax museum in Kodaikanal is a unique attraction for Indians.

It is a very small museum which displays the wax idols such as the Crib, the Last Supper and some internationally known personalities. The highlight is the idols of Indian saints and personalities such as Adi Shankara, Sai Baba, Gandhiji, Lord Krishna with Gopikas, Indian musicians and Veerappan, the sandalwood smuggler. The museum cannot be compared to the wax museums in the Western countries or even countries like Hong Kong in terms of quality. Most of the images do not appear realistic. 

Happy travelling.


  1. Beautiful wax work. Loved the snaps. In kolkata also we have a mother wax museum with so different and interesting known faces. Thank u for the share ur post reminded me of visiting there once.