February 7, 2015

Chettiar Park - Kodaikanal

Site Name: Chettiar Park
Site Type: Hill station, Park
Location:  Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: A little known lovely park in Kodaikanal
Nearest Railway Station: Kodai Road - around 80 kms
Nearest Airport: Madurai - around 120 kms 
How to reach: Well connected by road from Dindigul and Madurai
Hotel: A lot of options are available in Kodaikanal and Dindigul
Restaurants: All options - vegetarian and non vegetarian; North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, etc. in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is one of the most popular summer destinations of India. Thousands and thousands of travelers visit this popular hillstation named as 'Princess of hillstations'. It is located near Dindigul in Tamil Nadu state of India. After Ooty, it is the most visited hill resorts in Tamil Nadu state. 

Unlike the other hillstations where only viewpoints are present, this extraordinary hill resort has a lot of place of interest for tourists such as viewpoints, waterfalls, forests, trekking routes, temples and heritage spots. Let us explore one little know but lovely place called Chettiar Park.

Those who visit Kodaikanal would definitely visit Bryant Park which is located at the heart of the town. However, not all the visitors are aware of yet another small but beautiful park called Chettiar Park. It is located near Kurinji Andavar temple in Kodaikanal, which is slightly away from the center of the town.

The beautifully designed bushes adorn the park. There are hundreds of varieties of flowers found in this park. During the season time (once in twelve years) Kurinji flowers are also seen here.

The Chettiar Park is a silent but pleasing tourist destination in Kodaikanal. Don't miss this!

Happy travelling.

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