January 24, 2015

Anju Veedu Waterfalls - Kodaikanal

Site Name: Anju Veedu Waterfalls 
Site Type: Hill station, Waterfalls, Valley, Forest
Location:  Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: A little known waterfalls located inside a forest
Nearest Railway Station: Kodai Road - around 80 kms
Nearest Airport: Madurai - around 120 kms 
How to reach: Well connected by road from Dindigul and Madurai
Hotel: A lot of options are available in Kodaikanal and Dindigul
Restaurants: All options - vegetarian and non vegetarian; North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, etc. in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal, as you all probably know, is one of the popular tourist destinations in India. Thousands and thousands of visitors go to this hilly town called as 'Princess of hillstations'. Most of them stay there for one or two days and just visit some of the well known places such as Bryant Park, Kodaikanal Lake and Coaker's Walk. But, Kodaikanal is not only about these popular sites which are always crowded. There are many more interesting but unexplored places in and around Kodaikanal. Let us see about one such rare site in this article.

Anju Veedu - if you translate this Tamil word in English, it would mean 'five houses'. It is said there were only five houses few years back in the forest in Elephant Valley. Hence, this place is called as Anju Veedu. Anju Veedu is a scenic place located in Elephant Valley which can be reached by a two kms walk through the forest and crossing the river Palar inside the forest. There is a beautiful waterfalls named as Anju Veedu Waterfalls or Upper Palar Waterfalls or Elephant Valley Waterfalls which can be reached after this long walk. The hilly area in this place is called as Vilpatti range of mountains. 

The Palar stream which originates from the Kodaikanal Lake is the origin for Anju Veedu waterfalls. The Elephant valley is an eco farm which is also visited by the tourists. This site is situated near Ganeshapuram village at a distance of around 25 kms. from the center of Kodaikanal town.

When you go to Kodaikanal next time, do not miss this breathtakingly beautiful place.

Happy travelling.