September 11, 2014


Site Name: Raipur
Site Type: City
Location:  Raipur, Chhattisgarh state, India
Highlights: An unexplored historical city
Nearest Railway Station: Raipur
Nearest Airport: Raipur
How to reach: Well connected by road and train; few flights to Raipur
Hotel: A lot of options across the city
Restaurants: Many options across the city

Raipur is the capital city of the state of Chhattisgarh in India. This historical city has a lot of ancient sites and natural treasures but remains unexplored. The region which was once a part of southern Kosal was under various empires such as Mauryas, Haihaya dynasty kings, Satawahana kings, Sarabhpuri kings, Nala kings, Somavanshi kings and Kalchuri kings. It is believed that the King Ramachandra of Kalchuri dynasty established the city of Raipur. As per another version, his sone Brahmdeo Rai established this city and it was named after him as 'Rai Pur'. 

Let us explore some important tourist sites situated in Raipur. In the subsequent posts, the adjoining sites will be explored.

Banjari Mata Temple:

Banjari Mata Temple is the most popular temple in Raipur. In the olden days, there appeared a red colored stone in the site where the temple is currently located. People started worshipping this as the Mother Goddess. Later the Goddess was named as Banjari Mata and the temple was constructed. The main deity is a red colored stone idol which is not in any particular shape.

The current structure of the temple is the modern day architecture. Outside the temple, instead of tower, two big stucco idols of Hanuman and Shiva are found.

Maha Maya Temple:

Maha Maya Temple is located in Raipur's Old Fort area on the banks of the river Khaaroon. The presiding deity of the temple is Maha Maya, who is supposed to be a combination of the powers of Vishnu and Shiva. The original temple was built during the Kalchuri reign. The current structure of the temple is renovated one.

Mahavir Park:

The Mahavir Park aka Anupam Garden is the most important park in Raipur. In a city where there is no amusement park, this park serves as the alternate. This beautiful park is full of illuminated trees and fountains. It is an ideal place in the city to spend peaceful and pleasant evening.

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