September 5, 2014

Daksheswara Mahadev Temple - Haridwar

Site Name: Daksheswara Mahadev Temple
Site Type: Hindu Temple 
Location:  Kankhal, near Haridwar, Uttarakhand state, India
Highlights: The site where the Goddess Sati immolated herself
Nearest Railway Station: Haridwar
Nearest Airport: Dehradun - 35 kms from Haridwar
How to reach: Well connected by road 
Hotel: A lot of options including low cost and free accommodation such as ashrams
Restaurants: Varieties of options - but only vegetarian

Haridwar is a religious city located on the banks of the beautiful Ganges river in Uttarakhand state of India. The city is an ancient city and has so many sacred places and temples for Hindus. It is considered as one of the seven most sacred sites of Hindus. Haridwar is dotted with a lot of religiously important sites such as temples and ghats. Let us explore a popular temple named Daksheswara Mahadev temple in this article.

Daksheswara Mahadev is one of the most important temples of Haridwar. It is located at Kankhal at a distance of around 5 kms from Hardiwar.  


As per the legend, Daksha once organized for a grand yagna. He invited everyone except his son in law Lord Shiva for this event. He did this to insult Shiva. However, Sati went to attend the yagna. There, unable to bear the insult to this husband, Sati immolated herself in the yagna fire. Shiva carried Sati's charred body on his shoulders and started performing the fearsome Tandava dance. As the Devas requested Vishnu to calm down Shiva, he used his discus to cut off Sati's body into 51 pieces. Those 51 pieces fell on different parts which are later called as Shakti Peethas. 

It is believed that the site where the Daksheswara Mahadev temple is currently located was the place where Daksha performed yagna and Sati immolated herself.

Temple Layout:

The temple is slightly big but simple in the structure. The main shrine enshrines Shiva Linga named as Daksheswara Mahadev. 

There is a separate shrine for Daksha Yagna Kund. It is believed to be the site where Yagna was performed by Daksha. Also, it is the same place where Sati sacrificed her life. Hence, it can be considered as the source of all 51 Shakti Peethas.

There is an old banyan tree inside the temple complex which is considered as very holy.

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