September 9, 2014

The 13 Storey Temple of Rishikesh

Site Name: Tera Manzil Temple
Site Type: Hindu Temple
Location:  Rishikesh, Uttarakhand state, India
Highlights: 13 storey temple
Nearest Railway Station: Haridwar
Nearest Airport: Dehradun - 35 kms from Haridwar
How to reach: Well connected by road 
Hotel: A lot of options including low cost and free accommodation such as ashrams
Restaurants: Varieties of options - but only vegetarian

Rishikesh is a religious town located near Haridwar on the banks of the beautiful Ganges river in Uttarakhand state of India. The town is an ancient city and has so many travel attractions such as rafting, hiking, heritage tour, temples, river, etc. Let us explore an important temple named Tera Manzil Temple in this article.

Tera Manzil Temple is situated near the famous landmark of Rishikesh, Lakshman Jhula. The highlight of this modern day temple is that it has 13 floors. Each floor has a lot of shrines where various idols are enshrined. Name any Hindu deity and you would definitely find that deity in this temple.

Let me provide the details of all the deities that are found in each floor. (I am sure you can't find this in any other site. :-))

Ground Floor

Main shrine - Durga with eight arms seated on lion

Sub-shrines and other deities:

  • Rukmini and Vithal
  • Dattatreya
  • Viratswaroop along with Krishna and Arjun
  • Gayatri
  • Ganesha in the standing posture
  • Hanuman lifting Ram and Lakshman; two females and two Rakshasas and a small Hanuman idol near the feet of the big Hanuman idol
  • Tripurasundari - four armed Devi seated on five headed and ten armed Shiva
First Floor

Main shrine - Shiva with Parvati and Ganesha

Sub-shrines and other deities:
  • Lakshmi, Vishnu and Garud
  • Radha and Krishna
  • Ganga and Yamuna - each has four arms - marble idols
  • Ram, Sita and Lakshmi
  • Surya
  • Vishwakarma
  • Santoshi, Chamunda, Bhairav and Srinath with his left hand raised upwards (form of Krishna)
Second Floor

Main shrine - Mahakaleshwar Shiva Linga

Sub-shrines and other deities:

  • Saraswati
  • Ram, Sita and Lakshmi
  • Big black colored idol of Bhairav
  • Tirupati Balaji
  • Shiva Linga
  • Marble idol of Annapoorani
  • Two headed Chamunda
  • Bhairav in the seated posture
Third Floor

Main shrine - Four armed Chandi seated on lion

Sub-shrines and other deities:

  • Eight armed Vaishno Devi seated on lion - Marble idol
  • Kedarnath seated in yogic posture
  • Black colored marble idol of Badrinath in seated posture
  • Narmadeswar Shiva Linga
  • Metal idol of Tara Devi, Buddha's mother
  • Metal idol of Lokeshwar 
  • Metal idol of Sundareswar and Meenakshi getting married done by Vishnu
  • Metal idols of Shiva and Parvati with Ganesha
  • Metal idol of Maa Shakti with multipe heads and multiple heads
(All the metal idols look unique and they belong to Nepal style)

Fourth Floor

Main shrine - Dwarakadeesh

Sub-shrines and other deities:
  • Mansa Devi
  • Kali - black colored idol 
  • Someshwar Mahadev
  • Adi Shakti Janani
  • Metal idol of dancing Ganesha
  • Metal idol of Naga
  • Metal idol of Krishna
  • Metal idols of Vishnu and Lakshi seated on Adi Sesha
Fifth Floor

Main shrine - Jagannath with Balram and Subhadra

Sub-shrines and other deities:
  • Nataraj
Sixth Floor

Main shrine - Vamana with four arms along with Shukracharya and Bali; Vishwaroop 

Sub-shrines and other deities:
  • Varaha
  • Kanyakumari
  • Matsya 
  • Big idol of Ganesha with eight arms
  • Lakshman doing penance
Seventh Floor

Main shrine - Jaimini Maharishi  

Sub-shrines and other deities:
  • Saraswati
  • Narasimha killing the Asura
  • Tulsi
  • Vashishta Rishi along with Rama and Lakshman
  • Metal idol of Krishna 
Eight Floor

  • Rajarajeswari
  • Padmavati in standing posture
  • Kanyaka Kumari with four arms
  • Krishna
  • Krishna holding Chakra 
  • Subramanya
Ninth Floor

  • Panel depicting Bhisma lying down on the bed of arrows
  • Panel depicting Harischandra

Tenth Floor

  • Santoshi
  • Surya seated on cart
  • Panel depicting the scene of Draupadi Vastraharan
  • Chandra seated on a cart
  • Mangal
  • Budha seated on lion and elephant
  • Guru seated on Iravata
  • Shukra 
  • Shaneeswara seated on buffalo (instead of crow)
  • Rahu
  • Ketu
  • Kamakshi
  • Ranganath in the standing posture
  • Surya
  • Vishnu
  • Ranchodrai
  • Shanta Durga
  • Keshav
  • Tulja Bhavani 
11th Floor

  • Sahasralinga - very big Linga
12th Floor

  • Rameshwara Linga along with Rama, Sita and Hanuman
13th Floor

  • Amarnath Linga - white colored idol

Happy travelling.

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