July 17, 2014

Kodaganallur Kailasanathar Temple

Site Name: Kailasanathar Temple
Site Type: Hindu temple
Location:  Kodaganallur, near Tirunelveli city, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: The third Nava Kailasham site; considered as Sevvai (Mangal) sthalam;
Nearest Railway Station: Tirunelveli
Nearest Airport: Tirunelveli
How to reach: Well connected by road from Tirunelveli
Hotel: Go to Tirunelveli
Restaurants: Go to Tirunelveli 

Tirunveliveli is a historical city located on the banks of the beautiful Tamrabharani river in the southern Tamil Nadu state of India. The city and its surroundings have a lot of scenic spots and temples. Kodaganallur is a small village located near Tirunelveli. The village has an ancient temple, Kailasanathar temple. It is one of Nava Kailasham temples. Let us explore this temple in detail.


  •  God – Kailasanathar
  • God – Sivakami
  • The third Nava Kailasham temple 
  • Considered as Mangal sthalam - important for Sevvai (Mangal graha)

Romasa Maharishi was the grandson of Lord Brahma. He had the sage Agastya as his Guru. As per his Guru's advice, Romasa dropped nine flowers into the river Tamrabharani and installed nine Shiva Linga idols in nine places where those flowers reached. All these nine Shiva Lingas are named as Kailasanathar and all of them are considered as Nava Kailasham temples. Cheranmahadevi is the second Nava Kailasham temple.

Temple Layout:

The temple is believed to be of 12th century CE period. However, it has been renovated multiple times and we do not get antique feeling. 

It is very small and simple temple. There is no temple tower. There are only two shrines and a prakara. 

The presiding deity is Kailasanathar. The main shrine is facing the east direction.

The Goddess Sivakami is found in a separate north facing shrine.

The idols of Ganesha and Kartikeya are found in the entrance of the main shrine.

The temple has bali peetha, flag staff and Nandi facing the main shrine.

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