May 24, 2014

Vandi Malaichi Amman Temple - Village Deity - Ambasamudram

Site Name:  Vandi Malaichi Amman Temple
Site Type: Hindu Village Deity Temple
Location:  Ambasamudram town, near Tirunelveli city, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights:  A popular village deity of southern Tamil Nadu
Nearest Railway Station: Ambasamudram
Nearest Airport: Tirunelveli
How to reach: Well connected by road from Tirunelveli
Hotel: Few options in Ambasamduram; more options in the nearby city Tirunelveli
Restaurants: Only few options in Ambasamudram

Ambasamudram is a picturesque town located on the banks of the beautiful Tamrabharani river and on the foothills of the Western Ghats. The nearest city of Ambasamudram is Tirunelveli. It is located in Tamil Nadu state in South India.The town has a lot of scenic spots and temples. Ambasamudram has so many interesting temples and tourist sites. Let us explore about Vandi Malaichi temple in this article.

Anyone who passes through the highway in Ambasamudram would definitely get the glimpse of two big deities in the reclining posture in the temple with the doors opened forever. The temple of Vandi Malachi Amman is located right on the main road. The temple has two big idols of Vandi Malaichi and Vandi Malayan. They are village deities and their temples are located across various villages around Ambasamudram.

There is an interesting legend about this village deity. Two serpents who could not become parent pleaded to Lord Shiva for parenthood. When Shiva started from Mount Kailash to bless them, his consort Parvati wanted to accompany him. Even after asking her to stay back, she did not agree. Hence, Shiva got angry with her and cursed to get birth into eight women on the earth. Parvati got converted into eight eggs. He took them and handed over to the serpents. Later, eight girls came out of those eggs. The serpents named them as Vandi Malaichi, Mutharamman, Muppidathri, Sandana Mari, Agni Mari, Karung Kali, Bhadra Kali and Uchchini Makali.

There was a powerful Asura named Mahisa, who had got boon not to be killed by any animal or any male person. All these eight women fought with him and his men and won the battle. Vandi Malaichi did not kill the Asura. Instead, she converted him as a lion and made him as her mount. 

After killing the Asura and his army, all eight of them wanted to marry Lord Shiva. Shiva did not want to marry all of them; hence, as per his order, Brahma converted eight beetles into small kids and kept them on the way to Kailash, the adobe of Shiva. All the eight sisters on their way to Kailash, saw the kids crying and took them along. When they reached Kailash, Shiva told them that he could not marry them as he found them along with the kids. They did not want to leave the kids and marry him. Hence, they demanded him for some other boons instead. He made them more powerful and give them the power to resolve the problems of people. He also created eight male deities as the companions for them. One of them was Vandi Malayan, who became brother of Vandi Malaichi. 
All the temples of Vandi Malaichi has her brother Vandi Malayan along with her.

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