February 1, 2014


Site Name: Manimutharu
Site Type: Waterfalls, dam, hill
Location:  Manimutharu, near Ambasamudram town, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: A pleasant place which is not yet commercialized
Nearest Railway Station: Ambasamudram
Nearest Airport: Tirunelveli
How to reach: Well connected by road from Tirunelveli, Tenkasi and Ambasamudram
Hotel: Few options within Ambasamudram; more options in the nearby city Tirunelveli
Restaurants: Only few options within Ambasamudram; for better options go to Tirunelveli or Tenkasi
Manimutharu is a picturesque site located near Ambasamudram in Tamil Nadu state of South India. The nearest city is Tirunelveli.

Those who hail from Tamil Nadu state would have visited Courtallam, the city of waterfalls, at least once in their lifetime. Of late, Courtallam has been commercialized and hardly tourists could enjoy the waterfalls thanks to long queues and uncontrollable crowd. Manimutharu is an alternate site for those who enjoy the waterfalls and hills. It is not commercialized yet and remains untouched by most of the travellers.

Manimutharu is located inside the reserved forest region. The region is named after the river Manimutharu which runs through this place; it is a great tributary of the river Tamrabharani. The first tourist attraction in this region is the beautiful and vast Manimutharu reservoir. It serves as a good picnic spot for the people who live nearby. The river with the hills at the backdrop looks amazing.

After travelling for few kilometers from Manimutharu dam, one can reach the picturesque Manimutharu waterfalls. The best time to visit the falls is between November and March; however, you can find water in this falls throughout the year. Even though the water is not falling from a great height,  it is surprisingly gushing with great force. The waterfalls looks massive thanks to its width. 

If you travel further for another few kms, you would reach Manjolai hills which is full of tea estates.

When you get a chance to visit the southern part of Tamil Nadu state, go and visit these beautiful sites which are part of Podhigai hills.

Happy travelling.

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