December 14, 2013

Ganapati Agraharam

Site Name: Maha Ganapati Temple
Site Type: Hindu temple
Location:  Ganapati Agraharam, near Tanjore city, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: An important temple of Lord Ganesha
Nearest Railway Station: Tanjore
Nearest Airport: Trichy
How to reach: Well connected by road from Tanjore; public transport is not dependable
Hotel: No good hotels nearby; better to stay in Tanjore
Restaurants: No good restaurants nearby; it is better to go to Tanjore

Ganapati Agraharam is a small village located near Tanjore city in South India. The village is named after the famous Maha Ganapati temple located here. 

The temple is very small. It is believed that the temple existed since the Chola era. However the current structure of the temple is completely renovated recently and no antique sign can be found.

The temple does not have tower. It just has one corridor (prakara) surrounding the main shrine. However, the temple is very neatly maintained. 

As per the legend the main deity of the temple was originally installed by Agastya, the great sageAfter many years when the sage Gautama was passing by this village, he found that the villagers were suffering with famine and drought. He dug the ground and discovered the idol of Ganesha and reinstalled it. After that, the village became fertile again. Even the river Cauvery changed its original routed and passed through this village.

The temple has Maha Ganapati in the sanctum sanctorum. Flag staff and bali peetha are located facing the main shrine.

The idols of Ganesha, Subramanya, Vishwanatha, Vishalakshi and Chandikeshwara are also found in the temple.

A small beautiful temple - don't miss.

Happy travelling.

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