November 11, 2013

Hong Kong Disney Land

Site Name: Disney Land
Site Type:     Amusement Park
Location:  Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Highlights: The most popular travel destination of Hong Kong; one of the best amusement parks in the entire world
Nearest Train Station: MTR Disney Land Resort Line 
Nearest Airport: Hong Kong
How to reach: Easily accessible by road; A separate conveniently located MTR is nearby
Hotel: Plenty of options in all ranges around this area; there are some options available inside the park too
Restaurants: A lot of options inside the park
Opening Hours:  9 am - 8 pm
Ticket Fare: Standard cabin - HKD 450;(For complete details on fare, check the website)

Disney Land is the most popular travel destination of Hong Kong. The internationally popular site attracts both children as well as adults. There are foreigners who visit Hong Kong mainly for visiting this site. You would need at least two full days to completely explore this beautiful site. Let me try and cover all the sections of the park in this article.

Main Street, USA

Stroll into this area to get a feel of the USA; you can find few old fashioned vehicles in the street. You can meet many characters such as Micky Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, etc. here. In the evening, you can enjoy the spectacular fireworks.

Adventure Land

The adventure land is full of mysteries and adventures. In this area, you can enjoy the animated film "The Lion Kingdom", cruise the classic river voyage of adventure where you can suddenly find mysterious animals (of course artificial), explore Tarzan island or watch a lot of street activities.

Tomorrow Land

A lot of roller coasters to thrill you and make you feel as if you are leaving the earth and move towards space.

Fantasy Land

Here, the Disney stories come live. Meet a lot of characters including Princess and enjoy fun rides.

Toy Story Land

If you go to Toy Story Land, you will look like a toy in front of giant sized attractions. The site has full of larger than life attractions which are the biggest in Hong Kong.

Grizzly Grunch

This place has many attractions which would attract both the kids and adults. Wild West Photo Fun and numerous characters would attract the kids. The attractions such as Mine Car and Geyser Gulch would attract the grown-ups.

Mystic Point

Unlock the mystery at the Mystic Point. Garden of Wonders and Mystic Manor are the main attractions of this site.

Disney Land is a kind of place which you should visit and enjoy. It's not easy to express in writing about the kind of happiness that one would get after visiting this site. Stop reading this article - go to Disney Land with your kids and enjoy.

Happy travelling.

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