October 20, 2013

Lavasa - India's Planned Hill City

Site Name: Lavasa
Site Type: Hill Station
Location:  Near Pune city, Maharashtra state, India
Highlights: The latest hill station in India; Planned and private hill station
Nearest Railway Station: Pune
Nearest Airport: Pune
How to reach: Well connected by road from Pune
Hotel: 4-5 star hotels or service apartments are available in Dasve area in Lavasa 
Restaurants: Variety of options in Dasve area

Lavasa is planned private hill station of India. The hill station located near Pune city in Maharashtra state of India might have developed as an important tourist destination by now if there were no legal issues in the project. 

Lavasa is a group of five planned cities on seven hills (Sahyadri mountain range). As of today (2013 CE) only one town is constructed - Dasve. It looks like that the second town will get constructed soon. The project got delayed thanks to controversies and concerns related to environment, politics and legal. Even in Dasve, apart from the city center, few hotels and restaurants, there is hardly anything. Most of the buildings are partially constructed. There is hardly anyone living in the structures that are already complete. Basically, it is a town where literally no one lives.

The residents of Pune city and the nearby places usually come to Lavasa for weekend drive. The place is beautiful especially during the rainy season. The drive from Temghar dam to Dasve is full of picturesque locations. The stream amidst the hills which can be seen from anywhere between the dam and Dasve in different angles is definitely an extraordinary sight.

The Varasgoan Dam across the Mose river is another major attraction near Lavasa hills.

In Lavasa, there are few tourist attractions such as Games Arcade, Water Sports, Boating, City Tour in luxury bus, colourful fountain, etc. 

Not sure about the future of this place; as on today, it cannot be considered as an ideal tourist destination. You can visit the place for a day trip or to have company conference. 

Happy travelling. 

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  1. Lavasa offers an energizing climate with massive open spaces provides innumerable recreation and leisure activities like golf, trekking, rappelling. Lavasa is an amazing place to chill at on vacation. We are going again to this wonderful place with friends for a holiday.