July 26, 2013

Nandi Temple - Trichy

Site Name: Nandi Temple
Site Type: Hindu temple
Location:  Trichy city, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: A unique temple where Lord Nandi is found as the main deity
Nearest Railway Station: Trichy
Nearest Airport: Trichy
How to reach: Well connected by road, rail and air
Hotel: A lot of options across the city; this is one of the important cities in South India 
Restaurants: All varieties of restaurants across the city

Trichy is an important city in Tamil Nadu state of India. When people think about Trichy, the Rock Fort comes to their mind immediately. However, there are few little known but unique places such as Pallava period cave temple, Nandrudaiyan Aadi Vinayaka temple and Nandi temple. Let us explore Nandi temple in this blog post. 

Nandi temple is located in Nandeeswaran Koil street near the Rock Fort temple tank. It is unfortunate that even the citizens of Trichy including most of the people who live in the Nandeeswaran Koil (Koil means temple) street do not know about this temple. They know this temple as 'Anjaneya temple'. It is really funny that people living in Nandi Koil street do not know about the temple on which their street is named after. 

This Chola period temple has Nandi as the main deity; it is usually found as the Vaahan of Lord Shiva facing the main shrine. But in this temple it is the main deity and there is no Shiva Linga in this temple. It looks like that this temple should have been a part of Rock Fort Thaayumanavar temple in the past. Now, as the area became very congested with so many buildings, it got cut off and appear as a separate temple.

Near the Nandi idol, there is a long flag staff found. The temple also has the modern day bas relief images of Anjaneya and Ganesha. In fact, people started calling this temple as 'Anjaneya' temple thanks to these images.

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