June 30, 2012

Safdar Jang's Tomb - Delhi

Site Name: Safdar Jang's Tomb
Site Type: Mughal architecture, Tomb, Memorial, Monument, heritage, historical
Location:  Safdarjung, New Delhi, India
Highlights: One of the important tombs in Delhi
Nearest Railway Station: Delhi
Nearest Airport: Delhi
How to reach: Well connected by road, rail and air

Hotel: A lot of options are available within Delhi city
Restaurants: Many options and varieties across the city

New Delhi, the capital city of India, is full of rich heritage sites, monuments and historical tombs. Safdar Jang's Tomb located in Safdarjang area is one of the outstanding heritage sites of the city.

Muhammad Shah was a Mughal emperor who ruled Delhi between 1719 AD and 1748 AD. His Prime Minister Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur Khan was also called as Safdar Jang. The tomb of Sajdar Jang which was built in 1753-54 AD. Safdar Jang's Tomb is considered as the last example of the garden-tomb layout. It was built by Safdar Jang's son Shujaud-Daula.

The garden is divided into four squares by wide pathways and tanks, in turn divided into smaller squares by passages. In the centre a double storeyed impressive gateway is found which enclouses several apartments, a courtyard and a mosque. The mosque built with red sandstone is a later addition. The double storeyed mausoleum stands from a high plaform faced by a verandah broken by arched openings. There is one cenotaph in the central chamber, but two graves are located in the underground chamber in the centre of the platform, one of Safdar Jang and the other of his wife.

Although, the technically sound people claim that the structure has few weakness in its features, it is a wonderful monument from a layman's perception.

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