June 10, 2012

HAL Museum, Bangalore

Site Name: HAL Museum
Site Type: Aerospace Museum
Location:  HAL Complex, Airport Road, Bangalore city, Karnataka state, India
Highlights: The first aerospace museum in India; A unique site in Bangalore city
Nearest Railway Station: Bangalore
Nearest Airport: Bangalore
How to reach: Well connected by road, rail and air
Hotel: A lot of options are available in Bangalore
Restaurants: A lot of good restaurants are located all over the city
Bangalore, the garden city of South India, has a lot of interesting tourist sites. HAL museum is one of those interesting tourist sites which is very unique. HAL Aerospace Museum is the first aerospace museum in India. It is located at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) premises in Airport Road in Bangalore. It was established in 2001 AD with the objective of showcasing the growth of the Indian aviation industry.
The HAL Museum displays a number of aircraft and aero engines models. There are two halls in the museum. In Hall no. 1, there are many rooms which would take you down to the bygone era from 1940s showing the growth of Indian aviation industry. There are photogrpahs, stamps and models of aircrafts and space vehicles in the display.
The exciting experience of flyinc can be had in the modern flight simulators located in the next hall.
The models of satellite launch vehicles such as PSLV and GSLV are also displayed in the open space around the halls. Also, the models of various passenger aircrafts and air force aircrafts are displayed.
It is definitely a place to visit for one and all. Come and experience the exciting world of aerospace.
Happy travelling.

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