August 18, 2011

Patnitop - A peaceful hillstation at J&K

Patnitop is a small but pleasant hill station located in Jammu and Kashmir state of India. This hill resort is located at a distance of around 110 kms from Jammu, the capital city of Jammun & Kashmir state. The nearest city for Patnitop is Udhampur.It is easily reachable by motor vehicles from Katra or Jammu.

Patnitop, situated on a plateau in the Shiwalik belt of Himalayas, has an altitude of 2024 meters. In the olden days, it seems there was a pond in this site where the princess of this region used to take bath. Hence, it got the name "Patan Da talab" meaning "Pond of the Princess". The name got diluted to Patnitop.

Patnitop doesn't have many sites to roam around. It is a perfect destination to relax and enjoy a leisurely weekend. There are two big parks with a lot of trees, which people throng in great numbers.

Patnitop also offers options such as horse riding, skiing, trekking and paragliding for tourists. A 600 years old small but beautiful temple for Nag (serpent God) is also located in Patnitop. Apart from the idol of serpent, the Nag devatas idols are found in the human forms too. Ladies are not allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum of this temple.

Happy travelling.

Fast Facts:
Site Name: Patnitop
Site Type: Hillstation
Location:  110 kms from Jammu, Nearest city is Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir state, India
Highlights: Very pleasant weekend getaway in Jammu and Kashmir state
Nearest Railway Station: Jammu - well connected from the cities/towns all over India
Nearest Airport: Jammu
How to reach: Reachable by road from Jammu, Katra or Udhampur
Hotel: A lot of hotels are available in Katra and Jammu; Few accommodations are available in Patnitop
Restaurants: It's difficult to find good restaurant in Patnitop; however, good restaurants are available in Katra, Udhampur and Jammu
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