December 14, 2010

San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf - Walking Tour

Fisherman's Wharf is one of the most popular travel destinations of San Francisco, the popular city of West Coast, located in California in the US. Fisherman's Wharf, which has been the home of San Fransisco's colorful fishing fleet for 125 years, is known for its varied shopping options, historic waterfront, delicious seafood, picturesque sights. Getting around the Fisherman's Wharf is too easy. You can walk all the way or go by bi-cycle. Cable cars, city buses, tourist buses, rental cars, taxis and limos are easily available. Horse-drawn carriages are also available. Depending upon your interest, you can choose any mode of transportation.

Fisherman's Wharf is such an important travel destination as it is considered that this is the place where San Francisco begins.

1. Start your exciting journey of exploring Fisherman's Wharf from Pier 39. Pier 39 has many restaurants, shops and other attractions along the sides of picturesque waterfront. There is an aquarium named "Aquarium of the Bay". You can find the breathtaking view of Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, and Bay Bridge from Pier 39.

2. If you walk towards the direction of Golden Gate Bridge, you will reach Pier 39's West Marina. You will find many sea lions here, which started arriving in droves and took over the docks in 1989 after the earthquake. Nearby, there is a telescope placed, which would give you a better view of Alcatraz Island and Golden Gate Bridge.

3. Pass through Pier 41 and Pier 43 to reach the historical main entrance of Pier 45. This entrance is a heritage site. If you move few steps inside, you can find the USS Pampanito, a WWII fleet submarine, and the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, one of the last remaining WWII liberty ships. You are allowed to go aboard the ships.

4. Walk towards the intersection of Taylor and Jefferson Streets, where the delicious sea food of San Francisco is available.

5. If you interested you can visit the Wax Museum and Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum which fall on your way. After walking a while, you will reach The Cannery at Del Monte Square. It was built in 1907, and was once the world's largest peach cannery. It has a unique European charm today.

6. Continue on Jefferson to Hyde Street to reach Hyde Street Pier, where you can find a lot of historical coastal vessels.

7. If you continue your walking to the end of Jefferson street, you will find the picturesque Aquatic Park. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Golden Gate Bridge from here.

8. At last, you will reach San Francisco Maritime Museum from where you can reach the beautiful San Francisco beach, or watch the beach by sitting at the balcony of the museum.

9. If you are interested, you can walk further and visit Ghiradelli Square, Buena Vista Cafe, and NorthPoint Shopping Centre.

Happy travelling.

Fast Facts:
Site Name: Fisherman's Wharf 
Site Type: Heritage site, Market Place, Shopping, Restaurants, Beach, Fishing Fleet, Wharf
Location: San Francisco, California State, USA 
Highlights: One of the most popular travel destinations of San Francisco
Nearest Train Station: Embarcadero station in San Francisco BART
Nearest Airport: San Francisco
How to reach: Easily reachable by road, train, and flight; You can find taxis and cable cars from BART station to Fisherman's Wharf
Hotel: A lot of budget and luxury hotels are available within San Francisco; as the local transportation especially BART train system is good, one can even stay in the nearby places too for cheaper options.
Restaurants: Fisherman's Wharf has a lot of options for wine and dine be it sea food, roadside shops, or costlier restaurants

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