August 6, 2010

An unknown temple near the popular Palace (Padmanabhapuram Palace), Kerala, India

Padmanabhapuram Palace, which is located near Nagercoil and Trivandrum, is one of the most famous palaces in South India. A lot of tourists who visit to Southern Tamil Nadu or Kerala generally do not miss Padmanabhapuram palace. However, there is a beautiful temple next to Padmanabhapuram Palace, which must be at least as old as the palace. Unfortunately, this old temple remains unknown to the tourist world.

Ramaswamy temple is the temple which is found next to Padmanabhapuram Palace. The temple is big; however apart from the main shrine there is no other shrine or idol found in this temple. I couldn't find the history of this temple. However, I believe that this temple should be as old as the Padmanabhapuram Palace. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The main shrine has the big idol of Lord Rama. He is found along with the idols of Lakshmana and Sita on his either sides. There is a small Utsava idol (metal idol) of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman's idol is depicted beautifully; he has kept his mouth closed by his right hand showing that he is humble in front of Rama.

Even though the temple doesn't have any other idol or shrine apart from the main shrine, the corridor surrounding the shrine (prakara) has a lot of mural paintings that depict the story of Ramayana.

When you get a chance to visit Padmanabhapuram palace, please do visit to this beautiful Ramaswamy temple too. If we support the existing beautiful temples, that should be more than enough rather than trying to building new temples.

With this post, my series on "Kerala" ends. I will definitely visit Kerala, the beautiful land, again, and write about them in my travel blog. Till then...

Happy travelling.

Fast Facts:

Site Name: Ramaswamy Temple
Site Type: Temple
City Name: Padmanabhapuram
Location: Around 20 kms from Nagercoil/50 kms from Trivandrum; Located in the Kerala border, Tamil Nadu state, India
Nearest Railway Station: Nagercoil
Nearest Airport: Trivandrum
How to reach: Easily reachable by road from Thakkalai, Trivandrum, Kanyakumari and Nagercoil
Hotel: A lot of luxury hotels and budget hotels are available in Trivandrum and Nagercoil
Restaurants: There are a lot of good restaurants in Trivandrum, Nagercoil, and Thakkalai

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