June 12, 2010

Worshipped by Tortoise - Kachabeswarar Temple, Kanchipuram, India

Kachabeswarar temple is one of the most important and big temples of Kanchipuram city, the city of thousand temple. Kachabeswarar temple is located in the southern corner of Western Raja street, at a distance of around 1 km from the famous Ekambareswarar temple in Kanchipuram.

Kachabeswarar temple is a Shiva temple, and Lord Shiva, the main deity of this temple is called as Kachabeswarar. The goddess is called as Soundarambikai. The temple has big Raja gopuram (temple tower) and very big in area. The temple also houses other idols such as Saraswati, Ganesha, Chadurmukeswarar, Shasta and Bhairav. There are four shrines of Lord Shiva around the temple tank (called as Ishta Siddhi Teerth) - Dharma Siddheswarar, Kama Siddheswarar, Artha Siddheeswarar and Moksha Siddheswarar. Near the main deity Kachabeswarar, there is an idol of Lord Ganesha called as Satyamozhi Vinayaka, which was worshipped by Lord Vishnu.

As per the legend, when the Devasa and Asuras were churning the milky ocean to get amridha, the mountain which was used as the churning stick, started sinking. Lord Vishnu incarnated himself as Koorma (tortoise) and lifted the mountain on his back. Due to this, he got proud and increased the water level which troubled the universe. At this juncture, Lord Shiva destroyed the tortoise and strng its shell on the sacred garland worn about his neck. Later, Lord Vishnu regretted his act and came here to get blessings of Lord Shiva, and hence Shiva in this temple got the name Kachabeswara (Kachab means tortoise). It is believed that Lord Brahma and his consort Saraswati also worshipped Kachabeswarar in this temple. Asura guru Sukracharya worshipped here to get Mrutyusanjeevini and Vajrayakkai.

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Site Name: Kachabeswarar Temple


1) One of the most important temples in Kanchipuram
2) Worshipped by tortoise (Koorma incarnation of Lord Vishnu)

Location: Kanchipuram, 75 kms from Chennai, Tamil Nadu state, India
Nearest Railway Station: Kanchipuram
Nearest Airport: Chennai (around 75 kms)
How to reach: Easily reachable by road and train
Hotel: A lot of luxury hotels and budget hotels are available
Restaurants: There are a lot of good restaurants in the city

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