June 11, 2010

An architectural marvel of Pallava era - Vaikunthanatha Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram, India

Vaikunthanatha Perumal Temple is located very near to Kanchipuram bus stand in Kanchipuram city, the city of thousand temples. This is one of the most important temples in Kanchipuram city. It is one of the 108 Divya Deshams . This temple is also referred as 'Parameswara Vinnagaram'. Similar to Kailasanathar temple in Kanchipuram, Vaikunthanatha Perumal temple is an architectural marvel.

As per the legend, the dwarapals of Lord Vishnu were reborn as Pallava and Villava. They performed Ashwametha Yagna in this place and Lord Vishnu gave darshan to them.

The temple, built by Nandivarma Pallava, is architecturally  beautiful. The main shrine has three floors. In the first floor, Lord Vishnu is present in the sitting posture. In the second floor, you can find Lord Ranganath along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in the reclining posture. The top floor has  Lord Vishnu in the standing posture. There is a separate shrine for Goddess Vaikunthavalli Thayar. The temple is full of rare sculptures and idols which are extraordinarily beautiful. The architectural style of Pallava era and the beautiful sculptures are the main highlights of this temple.

Don't miss to visit one of the most beautiful temples of Kanchipuram to get the feel of the great Pallava architectural style.

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Site Name: Vaikundanatha Perumal Temple
1) One of the most important temples in Kanchipuram city
2) One of 108 Divya Desams are present in the temple (108 most important temples of Lord Vishnu)
3) Three forms of Lord Vishnu available in the same temple
4) One of the most beautiful temples of Kanchipuram city with full of sculptures
5) Ancient architecture of Pallava era

Location: Kanchipuram, 75 kms from Chennai, Tamil Nadu state, India
Nearest Railway Station: Kanchipuram
Nearest Airport: Chennai (around 75 kms)
How to reach: Easily reachable by road and train
Hotel: A lot of luxury hotels and budget hotels are available
Restaurants: There are a lot of good restaurants in the city

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