March 1, 2010

A temple inside the Palace - Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple, Mysore Palace, India

Mysore Palace is the most attractive site of Mysore city, the heritage city of South India. Mysore Palace complex is huge and it houses around 12 temples. One of the main temples of the palace is Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple aka Bal Krishna Temple.

The highlight of the temple is that the main deity of the temple, Bal Krishna (meaning Child Krishna) is in crawling posture with butterball in the hand. This is a rare posture which cannot be generally found in other temples. Especially it is very rare to find the main deity itself in this posture is extremely rare.

As per the legend, the Mysore kind Krishnaraja Wodeyar III was fascinated by the crawling Krishna idol in a temple in Mallur, and he wanted to shift the idol to his palace. After a lot of people tried in vain to remove the idol from Mallur, the king gave up this idea, and instead he installed a similar idol in the palace and built this temple. Prasanna Krishnaswamy temple was thus built by this king in the year 1829 AD.

Apart from the main shrine of Bal Krishna, this old temple has other idols and shrines too. It has separate shrines for Hanuman, Lakshmi Narasimha on the back side of Chakrathalwar (Sudarshan), Ram, Lakshman & Sita, Vishnu, Lakshmi, and Ranganath. In addition the temple houses around 40 bronze idols. The temple also has the idol of the king Krishnaraja Wodeyar along with his two wives. There is a separate shrine for sage Atri, who was believed to be the Raja Guru for ancestors of Wodeyars. There is another shrine with idols of Ramanujacharya, Paravasudeva, Anathasavna and Rajamannar.

Another major highlight of the temple is the central pillared hall of this temple, which has the traditional Mysore paintings done on the walls. The paintings portray the stories of Bhagavatha (life history of Lord Krishna).

When you visit Mysore Palace, ensure that you visit this temple too.

Happy travelling.

Fast Facts:

Site Name: Prasanna Krishnaswamy Temple
Site Type: Temple within Palace
Location: Mysore Palace, Mysore, Karnataka state, India
Highlight: Krishna idol in crawling posture; a temple within Mysore Palace
Nearest Railway Station: Mysore
Nearest Airport: Bangalore
Climate: Warm and cool throughout the year
Local Transport: Well connected by buses, private taxis, and auto rickshaws; (even you can find tongos (horse driven carts)
Hotel: A lot of hotels - budget as well as high class - throughout the city
Restaurants: Mysore's cuisine is rice-based; Idlis and dosas are also famous; You can find a lot of restaurants both vegetarian and non-vegetarian throughout the city

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