March 2, 2010

Lakshmiramana Temple, Mysore Palace, India

The highlight of Mysore, the heritage city of India, is Mysore Palace, which is one of the most beautiful palaces in India. The Palace complex houses twelve temples. Out of all these twelve temples, Lakshmiramana temple which is located on the western part of the palace has historical importance. Not only that...the temple is one of the oldest temples in the Mysore city.

Lakshmiramana temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Lakshmiramana). The temple also has a separate shrine for Goddess Lakshmi. There is one more shrine for Venugopala - Lord Krishna. The temple was built by the King Narasa Nayaka of Vijayanagar in 1499 AD.
This temple has witnessed an historical event, which is the coronation of 5-year-old Krishnaraja Wodyar III by the Britishers in 1799 after the death of Tipu Sultan.

The temple, even though small in size, is very beautiful and neat. There is a belief that the prayers at this temple are always answered.

Don't miss this temple when you visit Mysore Palace.

Happy Travelling.

Fast Facts:

Site Name: Lakshmiramana Temple
Site Type: Temple within Palace
Location: Mysore Palace, Mysore, Karnataka state, India
Highlight: A temple within Mysore Palace
Nearest Railway Station: Mysore
Nearest Airport: Bangalore
Climate: Warm and cool throughout the year
Local Transport: Well connected by buses, private taxis, and auto rickshaws; (even you can find tongos (horse driven carts)
Hotel: A lot of hotels - budget as well as high class - throughout the city
Restaurants: Mysore's cuisine is rice-based; Idlis and dosas are also famous; You can find a lot of restaurants both vegetarian and non-vegetarian throughout the city

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