March 8, 2010

Chamundeshwari Temple, Chamundi Hills, Mysore, India

Mysore, the Palace city of India (remember the famous Mysore Palace), is popular not only for its spectacular palace and zoo (Mysore Zoo), but also for Chamundi Hills. Chamundi Hills is located at a distance of around 13 km from Mysore city, and it remains as one of the most favorite travel destinations in Mysore for many years. A write-up about Mysore tourism is not complete without mentioning Chamundi Hills.

The main attraction of Chamundi Hills is Chamundeshwari Temple. Chamundeshwari aka Durga is the fierce form of Shakti, the wife of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Durga killed the demon Mahisasura in Chamundi hills, and hence the city was named as Mysore. When you reach Chamundi hills, you will be welcomed by a big colorful idol of the demon Mahisasur. The original temple of Chamundeshwari belongs to  the 12th century CE and was built by the Hoysala kings. The spectacular seven storey tall temple tower is believed to have been built by the Vijayanagara kings in the 17th century CE. However, it is evident that most of the parts of the temple was renovated in 19th century CE by the Wodayar kings. The main deity of the temple, Chamundeshwari has been the goddess of Mysore kings for many centuries.

Chamundi hills can be reached in a motorable road, and it is easily reachable from Mysore. However, if you want to climb up the hills, there is a flight of 1000 steps leading to the hill. It was constructed in 1659 CE. There is a huge granite Nandi statue near 800th step.

The idol of main deity Chamundeshwari is said to have been made of gold and the temple doors are made of silver. There are many idols of Nandi found throughout the temple. The temple is always crowded by devotees. You need to wait in a long queue to enter into the temple. Apart from the main deity Chamundeshwari, there is no other idol found in the temple.
There are also temples dedicated to Shiva - Mahabaleshwar and Lakshmi Narayana - Vishnu on this hill.

Happy travelling.

Fast Facts:

Site Name: Chamundeshwari Temple
Site Type: Temple on hills
Location: Chamundi hills, 13 kms from Mysore, Karnataka state, India
Highlight: A famous temple for Mother Goddess
Nearest Railway Station: Mysore
Nearest Airport: Bangalore
Climate: Warm and cool throughout the year
Local Transport: Well connected by buses, and private taxis
Hotel: You need to depend on Mysore hotels (Mysore - the nearest city)
Restaurants: Mysore's cuisine is rice-based; Idlis and dosas are also famous; You can find a lot of restaurants both vegetarian and non-vegetarian throughout the city

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