January 9, 2010

The Second Largest Electronics Market in India - Ritchie Street, Chennai, India

Ritchie Street, the narrow street which is always crowded like anything, is located near the famous Mount Road (Anna Salai) area of Chennai city is South India. The street that goes next to P.Orr & Sons will take you to Ritchie Street.

There were hardly five shops in Ritchie Street in 1970. Now there are around 900 shops which deal with all kinds of electronic items and computer peripherals. After Nehru Place market in New Delhi, Chennai’s Ritchie Street is the second largest market for computer spares and peripherals in India. If you know bargaining well, you can buy any electronic items cheaply in this street, which is not possible in another part of Chennai city.

Happy shopping and happy travelling.

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  1. ok price is cheaper but what about the quality and gurranty of the products?r they from branded companies

  2. if you dont know about the spares and electronics market price , they will hike the price more possible.. and warranty problems , so be careful while buying on ritche street,.

  3. if don't know about the market price factor , then they will hike the price as much possible another then warranty problems.. so be careful on buying on ritche street