January 15, 2010

A rare cute church - Armenian Church, Chennai, India

It is believed that Armenians came to Chennai city in the 16th century CE for the purpose of trade and they settled down in the city slowly. The Armenian church or the Church of Virgin Mary was constructed by the Armenian community. The church is located in Armenian street in George Town area of Chennai, which is hardly 1.5 km from Central Railway station.

The Armenians were once a rich community that made significant contributions, economic and cultural, to the Chennai city. Now there are only 275 registered Armenians in India.

Armenian church is well maintained even though it has hardly any visitor nowadays. It has a huge complex with a small chapel and a tower. The highlight of the church is the tower which has six bells, which are believed to be the largest and heaviest in and around Chennai city. Each bell weighs approximately 200 kg, and they belong to 18th century or 19th century period.The complex also has a small cemetery.

The beautiful church is definitely worth visiting. Go and visit this church and get the blessings of Mary.

Happy travelling.

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