January 23, 2010

An illegal Merchandise Heaven - Burma Bazaar, Chennai, India

Burma Bazaar, located near Beach Railway Station in North Chennai, South India can be considered as an illegal merchandise heaven. You can find a lot of foreign materials here. You can bargain and get all brands of electronic items. You can even buy CDs and DVDs of all foreign and Indian movies, be it legal or illegal over here. If you pass by this area, you will be harassed by the shop keepers and will be disturbed to buy something from these shops.

Burma Bazaar was apparently established in 1960s for the purpose of refugees from Burma to sell the products for their livelihood. Now, you can find only locals in these shops, who sell foreign things mostly seized by customs.

If you really want to buy things from Burma Bazaar, you should know how to bargain and should be in a position to ensure the quality of the product you buy. Or else, it is better not even to pass by this place.

Happy travelling!

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  1. Yikes, doesn't sound like something I would want to do. Sounds a bit dangerous for one; then if you purchase illegal items; how do you get through customs when you leave the country? Saving a little money on the items purchased wouldn't be worth it to me for fear of getting caught, having trouble and landing in jail or something.

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