January 9, 2010

A beautiful beach within the city limit - Tiruvanmiyur beach, Chennai, India

Chennai city, the gateway to South India, has a many beaches including Marina beach, which is arguably considered as the second longest beach of the world. However, this is unfortunate fact that only few beaches in and around are neatly maintained. Tiruvanmiyur (Thiruvanmiyur) beach is one such beautifully maintained beach located in Chennai city.

Tiruvanmiyur is one of the well developed areas of Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu state of India. Tiruvanmiyur area is located at the northern end of the city. The famous Marundeeswarar temple, related to Ramayana period, is located in Tiruvanmiyur. Tiruvanmiyur beach is located hardly one km from this temple. The beach is located on the popular East Coast Road (ECR). ECR connects the cities Chennai and Mamallapuram, and it is one of the most happening places of Chennai.

Tiruvanmiyur beach is different from the other beaches of Chennai as it is comparatively less crowded and much cleaner. The approach roads to this beach are also well laid and maintained properly. The beach stretches to around one km. You can find a lot of IT professionals and college students hanging around in this beach.

You can reach this beach easily by public transportation or on your own vehicle as the nearby Marundeeswarar temple is a well known landmark.

Happy travelling.

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