January 13, 2010

A 17th century Dargah with healing power - Mount Road Dargah, Chennai, India

Mount Road or Anna Salai is one of the most happening places of Chennai city, the gateway to South India and the capital city of the state Tamil Nadu. There are two famous Islam shrines in Mount Road – one is Thousands Light mosque and the other one is Dargah-e-Hazrath Syed Moosa Shah Qadri Baghdadi (Rahmathullahi Alaihi) aka Mount Road Dargah.

Mount Road Dargah is very popular. It attracts hundreds of devotees including the local celebrities every Thursday. Hazrath Syed Moosa Shah Qadri Baghdadi (RA) arrived from Baghdad Shareef in the middle of the 17th Century CE and lived in this site. It is believed that he had healing powers. When he died, he was buried next to his house and here his family raised the Dargah Shareef. Since then, not only Muslims but even people from the other religions visit this Dargah based on the belief that this Dargah has healing power.

You can easily locate this Dargah as it is well located opposite to LIC building in Anna Salai (Mount Road). You can reach this place easily by your own vehicle or using pubic transportation.
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