November 17, 2009

A calm beach near Chennai

Chennai, the city considered as the gateway to South India, has arguably the second longest beach in the world. It also has few other beaches. However, it is an unfortunate fact that it is very difficult to find a clean beach. If you want to find a beautiful beach in Chennai which is not crowded, you need to go to the beach located near Tiger’s Cave.

Tiger’s Cave is located at a distance of 52 kms from Chennai city. It is easily accessible either by private taxis or on your own transportation as it is located on the East Coast Road (ECR) (a popular highway) that connects the cities Chennai and Mamallapuram. The distance of Tiger’s Cave from Mamallapuram is 5 kms.

Tiger’s Cave  has a beautiful and ancient cave-like architectural marvel and an old rock cut Shiva temple. Nearby Tiger’s Cave you can find 2000 year old remains of a brick temple discovered recently by Tsunami. The beach is next to the ancient brick temple.

The beach is clean. You can hardly find anybody in the beach. This is a rare sight in Chennai as almost all the places are crowded like anything. The beach and the surrounding is calm, serene, and neat. The site is dotted by a lot of trees such as palm, casuarinas and other trees. It’s really a relaxing experience to visit this great weekend picnic spot near Chennai.

Happy traveling.

Site Name: Tiger's Cave Beach
Type: Beach
Location: Saluvankuppam village - 52 km from Chennai city on East Coast Road (ECR), Tamil Nadu state, India
1) A calm and clean beach

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