October 27, 2009

Watch Sea Lions here - Dolphin City, Chennai, India

After returning from the USA, I was showing the pictures of sea lion show at Mystic Aquarium in CT to my family. My daughter started pestering me to take her to sea lion show. As I couldn’t afford to take my family to the USA, I wondered if there would be a place in India where I can find American sea lions. It was unbelievable to me when I was able to find out such a place right in the city where I live. It is at Dolphin City, which is located on the East Coast Road (ECR) at around 46 kms from Chennai in Tamil Nadu State of India.

Dolphin city is an amusement park. It was started in the late 1990s with the objective of entertaining the public with Dolphins. Four dolphins were brought and it was a huge success as it was the first amusement park to bring dolphins to India. Unfortunately, the dolphins were not able to adapt themselves to Chennai’s climate and all of them died within six months. The management of the amusement park thought of an alternative plan and they brought sea lions.

Currently there are three sea lions in Dolphin city. You can enjoy the performance by sea lions in this amusement park. It is really fun to watch sea lions throwing and catching balls, swimming, jumping out of water and doing various other interesting activities as per the orders from the trainers. Even though the performance cannot be compared to that of USA amusement parks, I would say it is pretty decent and good.

There is nothing else to watch or enjoy in the Dolphin city apart from the sea lion event. After dolphins died, the amusement park didn’t do well and all other activities were stopped. There is a restaurant inside the park, which is not good or decent. Hence, you should plan for your food somewhere outside.

Happy Travelling.

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  1. I've heard that the Dolphin City was closed down by animal activists when the dolphins died. I never knew they sprung back to business. I hope they realize that Sealions alone cannot bring them public on a long run. They should perhaps have some aquariums or some water rides to attract children.
    A good restaurant too will certainly be a crowd puller.

  2. I have seen sea lions in hundreds in California - San Francisco and San Diego beaches. They are dirty and smelly. This is the first time I learn that sea lions are trained and used for shows! Good post!