October 6, 2009

The bachelor God is no more a bachelor here - Kalyana Anjaneyar Temple, Thailavaram, Chennai

Lord Hanuman a.k.a Anjaneya, the great devotee of Lord Ram, has always been portrayed as a staunch bachelor. However, Lord Hanuman is found along with his consort Suvarchala Devi in the Kalyana Anjaneyar temple at the Thailavaram village. The temple is located on GST High Road (Chennai – Tricy route) in Thailavaram village, which is located between Guduvanchery and Maraimalai Nagar. The distance from Chennai is around 40 km and the distance from Guduvanchery to this temple is around 3 km. The temple is located next to the famous SRM Engineering College.

The Kalyana Anjaneyar temple is perhaps the only temple where Lord Hanuman is found along with his consort. The temple authorities claim that there is a reference of Hanuman’s wife in Parasura Samhita. Suvarchala was the daughter of Lord Surya (the Sun God), who was the guru of Lord Hanuman.

The temple is very small. Lord Hanuman’s idol is eight feet tall and has four arms, which itself is different from the other temples. The Goddess Suvarchala is found along with Hanuman only as Utsav idol (the mobile idol).The temple has a big bell like structure which is called as Ghanta Stambha where the images of Lord Ram along with Sita, Lakhman and Hanuman are sculpted.

When you happen to be in Chennai, don’t miss this unique place.

Happy travelling.

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  1. Very interesting... Hanuman with his consort! Will definitely visit the temple! Nice post!

  2. Interesting kk. Thanks for sharing.