October 26, 2009

Kovalam Beach, Chennai

Kovalam is a famous beach in Kerala state in India which is popular among the international tourists. There is a beach near Chennai city in Tamil Nadu state, which is also called as Kovalam. However, this Kovalam beach is not very popular like the other one. It is a popular beach among people in and around Chennai.

Kovalam village is located approximately at a distance of around 40 kms from Chennai. This is located on the famous East Coast Road (ECR) between Chennai and Mamallapuram. Even though Kovalam beach is locally popular, there is nothing much to feel good about the beach. The beach is not clean and is always crowded. The maintenance of the beach is very bad.

Kovalam is a fishing settlement. If you want to wear life jackets and throw yourself into the sea for fun and thrill, you can approach some fishers in Kovalam, who arrange boats and life jackets for you.
The place has a small historical background too. The Nawab of Carnatic, Saadat Ali, built a port here where the French General Laboudonnais landed his troops in 1746 CE. British Viceroy Clive took over the port in 1752 CE and destroyed the same.

There is a small architecturally beautiful Shiva temple near the beach, which is unknown to the majority of the people. As Kovalam beach is located on ECR, it is easily accessible either by public transport (town bus or buses between Chennai and Mamallapuram), or on your own vehicle.

Try to cover other places such as Dakshin Chitra and Muttukadu along with this place.

Happy travelling.

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