August 31, 2009

Tribute to a great poet - Bharathiar Illam, Triplicane, Chennai

Subramanya Bharathi, who lived between the end of 19th century CE and the beginning of 20th century CE, was one of the greatest poets of India. He wrote a lot of poems in Tamil, which inspired thousands of people to fight for independence of India. He wrote poems almost on all subjects; however, his patriotic poems, devotional poems and poems on social reform became very popular among Tamils.

Bharathi was a national leader, who actively involved in politics. He started writing poems, when he was just seven years old. He knew a lot of languages including English, French, Sanskrit, and Telugu. He also wrote a lot of stories. He used to sing his own songs. His speech in public meetings was always inspirational. He was always a journalist. Some of his followers refer him as the incarnation of Goddess Saraswati due to his abundance knowledge.

Bharathi, who was born in a village near Tirunelveli in Southern Tamil Nadu, spent his last days in Triplicane, Chennai. The house, where he lived was bought by government, and it was converted into a monument (Bharathiar Illam a.k.a Bharathiar house). The Bharathiar Illam monument houses a lot of rare photographs of Bharathi and his family members and friends, some letters exchanged between Bharathi and others and Bharathi's works.

It is a must see place in Chennai to honour this great poet. You can reach Triplicane easily by public transport or auto/taxi. The monument is located very near to the famous landmark, Parthasarathy temple. You can visit this place and Marina beach together in one evening.

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  1. The orignal building was bought by a private party and was completely demolished. The picture here shows the present building which was later constructed on the same spot which a replica of the old building; instead of original red, in white.