June 15, 2009

Coorg - the Scotland of India

I am planning to write series of posts on Coorg and provide a complete travel guide. Before I start, let me warn you. If you are a kind of person who would not love to visit the same place again and again, you better do not travel to Coorg. Or else, you will fall in love with this place and you will hardly like travelling to other places.

People call this place as 'the Scotland of India'. Well, I have never been to Scotland. So, I cannot say if Scotland is as beautiful as Coorg. But, for sure, Coorg is one of the best hill stations in India. If you are travelling to India for the first time, Coorg is one of the 'must visit' places.

Coorg is a trekker's paradise. If you are a trekker, get your boots on and get moving. Else, if you are a natural lover, then also you would love Coorg. Coffee and pepper plantations, waterfalls, paddy fields, Western Ghats mountain range, bamboo forests, sandalwood forests, wild life sanctuary, flowers.....the list is endless. :-)

Coorg, one of the best kept secrets of India, is a district located on the Western Ghats mountain range in Karnataka state. Madikeri is the capital of Coorg district, and it is one of the main attractions of Coorg. Dubare forest, Bylakuppe, Nisargdhama, Bhagmandala, Nagarhole, Tala Cauvery and Iruppu falls are other places of interest. I will write about all these places in detail in my forthcoming posts. Till then....

Happy Travelling! :-)

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  1. Those are some nice scenery, especially the waterfalls

  2. A person who is in love with coorg waiting for ur next post

  3. Your presentation is interesting! Thanks for introducing Coorg! I would like to visit.

  4. Sounds like a beautiful place. I will have to find your follow up posts about Coorg and the area.