June 25, 2009

Bylakuppe Golden Temple, Coorg

"Is this a place in India? Or else, have I come to Tibet?" - This is what you will ask yourself when you visit Bylakuppe Golden Temple in Coorg.

Let me give you a background about the place first. Bylakuppe is a Tibetian settlement, and this is the settlement with maximum number of Tibetians in India outside Himlayas. This settlement is located very near to Kushal Nagar town. Kushal Nagar is located at a distance of around 40 kms from Madikeri.

Bylakuppe houses the beautiful golden temple, which has become one of the most important destinations of Coorg. The temple complex is huge, and it houses a main shrine and two sub-shrines too.

The temple tower is highly ornate. The outer walls flanking the doorway are decorated with huge colorful murals. The doors are huge in size and colored red. The main shrine has the 40' high gilded images of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Sakyamuni and Amitayus. The walls are totally covered with exotic paintings. The altar is highly ornate with spiral columns separating the three idols. They are surrounded by dragons and divine figures.

The complex has beautiful green garden with fountain, which enhances the serenity of the place.

Watching hundreds of Buddhist monks doing religious rituals and offering prayers loudly is an exciting sight.

Please do visit to this beautiful place for sure when you visit Coorg. Let me explore Coorg in deep in my forthcoming posts. Till then...

Happy travelling.

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  1. It is quite interesting! your post inspires the reader to make a quick visit to the Tibetan Temple! Have a great day!