January 15, 2010

A cute ancient church - Anderson Church, Chennai, India

Chennai city, the capital of Tamil Nadu state of India has a lot of heritage buildings of British era (India was ruled by the British till 1947 CE). Some of those heritage buildings are beautiful churches. In the famous Parrys corner in NSC Bose Road of George Town area, just opposite to the High Court building, there is a cute church named Anderson church is located. This church is a fine example for the heritage sites of Chennai city belonging to the British period.
In 1837 CE, Reverend John Anderson arrived in Madras as the first missionary of the Church of Scotland. He established The General Assembly’s School in a rented house on the east side of Armenian Street (near NSC Bose Road) in George Town area. (In 1877 CE, the school became the Madras Christian College, and the college was shifted to Tambaram area in 1937 CE.) Anderson died in March 1855 cE. Four years later, the Anderson Church was constructed, with Reeverend P Rajagopaul, the first convert of Anderson, becoming the first minister of the church. Surprisingly, the name of Anderson, an educationist, is associated more with the church than with the school he founded.

The church, along with its towering steeple, remained a landmark of the Madras Christian College for many decades. Even today, the towering steeple is a landmark of George Town area/Parrys corner. The church is very small and hardly crowded.

The interior of the church is very beautiful and it is one of the very few well maintained churches of Chennai city.

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