January 9, 2010

A beautiful Church and a calm Cemetery - St. George Cathedral, Chennai, India

"It's unbelievable! Am I really at the heart of the congested and crowded Chennai city? Or else, have I travelled to a remote village? The place is absolutely calm, man! Incredible!" - This is what my friend told me when I took him to the beautiful St. George's Cathedral in Chennai city, India.

St. George’s Cathedral is the Cathedral Church of the Church of South India, Diocese of Madras. The Cathedral is located in the centre of Chennai. The Cathedral has a big campus with a well maintained garden in front of the church. The church is architecturally very beautiful with its tall spire and clock tower. The church is a majestic piece of architecture with thick pillars, attractive roof, rich looking interior and beautiful statues. The cemetery that is located inside the cathedral campus is one of the few places in Chennai city ,which gives you a soothing silence and calm. The 19th century cemetery has its own charm and in fact it enhances the beauty of this site.

The church was constructed in the year 1815 CE by the people using some money gained through lottery. The cemetery was also constructed in the same year. It was in 1835 CE, that St. George’s Church became prominent as the Cathedral of Madras. For the sake of those who are unfamiliar with Christianity, let me briefly explain what is a cathedral. A cathedral is a church building presided over by a bishop, and therefore the central church building of a diocese, an administrative unit of the larger church.

St. George's Cathedral is well located in the heart of the Chennai city, very next to American Embassy, in Cathedral Road. The cathedral is very near to the famous land mark - Gemini flyover. As the site is well located inside the city, you can easily locate and reach the place either on your own vehicle or by public transportation. The area is so busy, crowded and congested. But, if you enter into this campus, you would feel as if entering into a different world altogether. The entire campus - church, garden, cemetery and the entire surrounding are well maintained and very calm. You will definitely be excited to visit the site. When you happen to travel to Chennai, ensure that you visit this church.

Happy travelling.

Site Name: St. George's Cathedral
Site Type: Religious - Christianity worship - Cathedral - Church
Location: Cathedral Road, Near Gemini Flyover, Chennai city, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: Architecture of the church, well maintained cemetery

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