May 17, 2016

Nandampakkam Ramalingeswar Temple

Site Name: Ramalingeswar  Temple
Site Type: Hindu ancient temple
Location:   Nandampakkam area, Chennai, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: An ancient Shiva temple associated with the period of Ram
Nearest Railway Station: Chennai
Nearest Airport: Chennai
How to reach: Well connected by road from Chennai
Hotel: A lot of options across Chennai
Restaurants:  A lot of options across Chennai 

Nandampakkam is an area of Chennai city which has become very popular in the last one decade thanks to DLF IT Park and Trade Center. Hardly, few people know that this is not a new area. Similar to Tiruvanmiyur, Nandampakkam has it association with Ramayan, if we believe the legend. Let us discuss about an ancient temple of Lord Shiva located in this area.

On the Mount Poonamallee High Road, opposite to Chennai Trade Center, in a small street, this temple called as Kodanda Ram temple is located. Next to that temple, this temple of Shiva called as Ramalingeswar temple is situated. 


When Ram and Lakshman were searching for Sita who had been kidnapped by Ravan, they passed through this site which is called as Nandampakkam nowadays. A Rishi named Bhringi was staying in a hermitage here. As per his request, Ram and Lakshman stayed here for one day. In Valmiki Ramayan, this site is referred as Brindaranya. In Kamba Ramayan, the same place is referred as Nandavanam. The name Nandavanam has become Nandampakkam in due course, it is believed.

When Ram stayed in this site, he worshiped Shiv Linga which is believed to be installed in this temple. Hence, the deity is called as Rama Lingeswar.

Temple Layout:

The small temple does not have gopura. The east facing sanctum has a big Shiv Linga called as Rama Lingeswar. The Goddess Parvata Vardhini is found in the standing posture with four arms in a separate south facing shrine. 

In the prakara, the sub-shrines of Maha Ganapati, Subramanya with his wives, Shasta and Navagraha are found. The idols of Surya and Bhairav are also found in the prakara. 

Nardana Ganapati, Dakshinamurti, Lingodbhava, Brahma and Durga are found in the form of niche images around the sanctum of Shiva. Chandikeshwara is found in his usual locaiton. 

Ichcha Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Gnana Shakti are found as the niche idols around the shrine of Parvata Vardhini. 

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