April 14, 2016

Senji Kariya Manicka Perumal Temple

Site Name: Karivarada Perumal Temple
Site Type: Hindu ancient temple 
Location:  60 kms from Chennai city, Tamil Nadu state, India
Highlights: An unknown ancient temple 
Nearest Major Railway Station: Chennai
Nearest Airport: Chennai
How to reach: The village is reachable by road; public transportation is not dependable; it is a little known remote place and the roads are not in good condition; 
Hotel: Go to Chennai where there are lot of options 
Restaurants: Go to Chennai where there are lot of options

Senji is a small lesser known village located at a distance of around 60 kms from Chennai city in Tamil Nadu state of India. The nearest well known site is Thakolam, which is at a distance of 15 kms from here. This village has two unknown ancient temples. One temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is called as Janmejaya Eswaran temple. Another one is dedicated to Lord Vishnu called as Kariya Manicka Perumal temple. Let us discuss about this temple in this article.

Senji is a lesser known village, and this ancient temple of Lord Vishnu is hardly known to anyone. This temple is also in dilapidated state similar to the other temple in this village. At least, it is comparatively better and we do not have to fear if the roof would fall on our head.

There are some inscriptions found in this temple. The temple is definitely older. However, we cannot conclude the dynasty who built this temple. The sanctum enshrines Lord Vishnu with Lakshmi on his lap. His name is Kariya Manicka Perumal. But, I am sure the original name must be something different and the details are lost.

Bali peetha, a small dweepa stambh and Garud are found facing towards the sanctum.

A very beautiful and stylishly seated Paramapatha Nathar is found as the niche idol.

Happy travelling.


  1. not to be confused with Gingee!

  2. May I know exact how to find this spot please? In google map it shows Senji the remote village near Panambakkam. If I go closer to this Senji village, will people guide me to this Kariya Manika perumal temple?

    1. yes, you need to ask for old perumal temple. they will guide you

  3. May I know exact where this spot is please? I could locate Senji the remote village near Pannambakkam in google map. If I go near Senji and ask local people will they guide me to this Kariya Manika perumal temple?. Or other words, will any of these local people ever know if I say the old dilapidated Perumal temple and they can guide me the route?

    Please advise and suggest how to go to this spot.