September 21, 2014

Ram Temple - New Delhi

Site Name: Ram Temple
Site Type: Temple
Location:  Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India
Highlights: An important Hindu temple in the capital city of India
Nearest Railway Station: New Delhi
Nearest Airport: New Delhi
How to reach: Well connected by road, rail and air
Hotel: A lot of options in Delhi
Restaurants: Varieties of options in Delhi

New Delhi is the capital city of India. There are varieties of tourist sites in this city which include forts, monuments, memorials, mosques, heritage sites and temples. Let us explore the temple of Lord Ram located here in this article.

The temple of Lord Ram is situated in Lodhi Road in New Delhi. It is built as per the South Indian temple architecture style and it is maintained by South Indians. 

In 1968 when this site was dug up to construct a temple, it is said that a small idol of Goddess Mahalakshmi was excavated. Originally only the photograph of Lord Ram alone was kept and worshipped in this temple. Later, the metal idols of Ram, Sita and Lakshman were made. It was after the installation of 12 feet high idol of Lord Hanuman, the temple became popular in the early 1970's.

A lot of additions were made to the temple in the last 40 years. The main deity of the temple is Rama Pattabhishek which means the coronation of Lord Ram. All his three brothers and his consort Sita are found along with them. Hanuman is found at the feet of Ram. Only in few temples Lord Ram and Sita are found in the pattabhishek posture.

Some of the other shrines/idols that are found in this temple:
  • Ranganath with Ramanuja at his feet - Vishnu in the reclining posture
  • Balaji with Padmavathi at his feet
  • Ganesha
  • Navagraha
  • Vasudeva Pada Padmam
  • Saptarishis
  • Different forms of Vishnu
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