January 4, 2012

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Site Name: Palaruvi Waterfalls
Site Type: Waterfalls
Location:  Kollam district, Kerala state (near the border of Tamil Nadu state), India; very near to the popular tourist site "Courtallam" (28 kms); 75 kms from Kollam city; 80 kms from Trivandram; 6 kms from the popular religious place "Aryankavu"
Highlights: One of the biggest waterfalls in Kerala state of India; a popular tourist destination in South India
Nearest Railway Station: Kollam, about 75 kms
Nearest Airport: Trivandrum - about 80 kms
How to reach: Road - by own vehicles or cabs; public transportation is rare and difficult. Although Palaruvi is located in Kerala, it can be reached easily from Courtallam or Tenkasi cities of Tamil Nadu as it is located in Tamil Nadu-Kerala border
Hotel: Not many options nearby
Restaurants: No good restaurants nearby

Kerala, the God's own country, has a picturesque waterfalls called Palaruvi. Palaruvi means stream of milk. This beautiful waterfalls is located in Kollam district of Kerala state in South India.

As the Palaruvi waterfalls is located very near to Courtallam (the city of waterfalls) in Kerala-Tamil Nadu border, tourists visiting Courtallam also travel to Palaruvi waterfalls. Sometimes, people consider Palaruvi as one of the nine waterfalls located in Courtallm. (However, there are actually nine waterfalls in Courallam and this should not be considered as one of them.)

Palaruvi, one of the biggest waterfalls of Kerala state, cascades from the height of 300 feet. At the backdrop of this beautiful waterfalls lies the green valleys and the dense tropical forest. During the season time, apart from the waterfalls, one can find huge amount of water in the stream that flows down. Thousands of tourists visit this site to take bathe in the waterfalls and enjoy.
The famous temple of Lord Ayyappa, Aryankavu, is located at a distance of 6 kms from Palaruvi waterfalls.

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