December 8, 2010

San Francisco Travel Guide

It has been very long since I updated my blog with US Indian Columbus is back in the land of original Columbus. :-)

This time, let me explore a wonderful destination called San Francisco, with which I fell in love. I am dying to visit this city again....such a great place. Even though I haven't completely explored this wonderful city, I will share my little experience in the form of travel guide in my next few blog posts.

Alcatraz Island
San Franciso gained popularity due to Gold Rush in 1848; I wouldn't mind to loose my savings in the form of gold to revisit this extraordinary destination in the US. I am wondering where to start and where to end. There are so many places of interest.

Golden Gate is the most important travel destination of San Francisco. There is no second thought on this. You know? 16 million tourists visit Golden Gate Bridge every year. Incredible, right?

Pier 39
Alcatraz island is the second most sought after travel destination of San Francisco. The island and the cruise are very popular among the tourists. Wanna do some shopping? Go to Pier 39. Or else wanna try for a cheaper shopping option? Go to China Town. Between, the down town of San Francisco has its unique charm.

Are you a history lover and love to visit the heritage sites? There are various options for you. You can keep exploring such sites either by walking or by cycling. What else you wanna try/see? Sea Food, Street food, heritage walk, beautiful beaches, museums, historical ships, submarines, cable cars, aquariums,... the list of options in San Francisco is endless.

San Francisco

Let us explore each destination of San Francisco in detail from my next blog post.

Happy travelling.

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  1. Alcatraz island - Place of Peace and fun... :)