June 19, 2010

Hotels in Kanchipuram

Kanchipuram has a lot of hotels and restaurants. I am providing the details of some of the good hotels and restaurants in Kanchipuram city.

Hotels in Kanchipuram:

1) TamilNadu Government's Hotel Tamil Nadu for budget accommodation

2) Sri Rama's Lodge at Nellukkara Street

3) Hotel Jaybala International at Gandhi Road

4) GRT Regency (3 star hotel)

5) MM Hotels at Nellukkara street

Restaurants in Kanchipuram:

1) Hotel Saravana Bhavan at Gandhi Road near bus stand

2) Hotel Sakthi Ganapathi near bus stand

3) Adya Ananda Bhavan at Nellukkara street

4) Sridhar Care

5) Hotel Chakra at Gandhi Road

6) India Coffee House

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