January 13, 2010

Body guard is the God here - Body Guard Muneeswaran Temple, Chennai, India

Body Guard Muneeswaran Temple – this temple might be very small. However, if you are a person, who owns four wheeler and residing in Chennai, it is more likely that you would have either visited this temple or at least you would have heard about this temple.

Chennai, the gateway to South India, has a lot of popular temples. How this small temple of Muneeswaran has become famous on its own way itself is a beautiful story. In 1919 CE, few labourers from North Arcot district brought the idol of Lord Muneeswaran with them. (Lord Muneeswaran is a village deity worshipped in and around Chennai; there are people who believe Muneeswaran as merely a saint; there are also people who believe Muneeswaran as an incarnation of Lord Shiva). The labourers placed the idol under a neem tree adjoining the military barracks. A British troop commander objected this and he met with an accident on the same day. Then, he allowed the deity to stay there. Thereafter, a lot of devotees, especially the drivers of various vehicles started believing that this deity would save them from accidents and started visiting this temple. The tradition continue even today and a lot of people visit this temple as soon they buy a new vehicle. This is the story of Muneeswara, who is believed to save you from the accidents and hence he got a special name called ‘Body guard’.

Body guard Muneeswaran temple is located at a distance of around 1.5 km from Chennai Central railway station. You can find this temple on the route of Anna Salai (Mount Road) from Chennai Central Railway station near the bridge. The temple is a small temple located at a corner of the highway.

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Site Name: Body guard Muneeswaran temple
Site Type: Hindu temple
Site location: Near Central Railway Station, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Highlight: The Lord is believed to save the devotees from the accidents

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  1. Can you please tell me what r the timing and what all should be taken there for the pooja