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Adventure Games at Wild Tribe Ranch, Chennai, India

The Wild Tribe Ranch is a theme park with lot of fun and adventures, located off NH5, the Calcutta National Highway, near Ponneri, around 35 kilometers from Chennai city in South India. This is an ultimate place for adventure sports and it is new kind of theme park for Chennai city. For the first time in Chennai city, a lot of adventure games such as ATVs, trampoline jumping, army-style obstacle course, paintball, swimming and a WII game arcade have been introduced in the Wild Tribe Ranch theme park.

ATV aka All Terrain Vehicles - Ride the awesome 50 cc to 150 cc All Terrain Vehicles at The Wild Tribe Ranch. Paintball is a sport in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint, usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed-gas (HPA or N2) powered paintball gun (or marker). A well maintained swimming pool is an added advantage of the park.

Trampoline jumping is a kind of bungee jumping. The army-style obstacle course is really adventurous and fun.

An illegal Merchandise Heaven - Burma Bazaar, Chennai, India

Burma Bazaar, located near Beach Railway Station in North Chennai, South India can be considered as an illegal merchandise heaven. You can find a lot of foreign materials here. You can bargain and get all brands of electronic items. You can even buy CDs and DVDs of all foreign and Indian movies, be it legal or illegal over here. If you pass by this area, you will be harassed by the shop keepers and will be disturbed to buy something from these shops.

Burma Bazaar was apparently established in 1960s for the purpose of refugees from Burma to sell the products for their livelihood. Now, you can find only locals in these shops, who sell foreign things mostly seized by customs.

If you really want to buy things from Burma Bazaar, you should know how to bargain and should be in a position to ensure the quality of the product you buy. Or else, it is better not even to pass by this place.

Happy travelling!

Worshipped by Tortoise - Kachaleeswarar Temple, Chennai, India

Kachaleeswarar or Kachabeswarar means “the Lord worshipped by a tortoise”. As Lord Vishnu took the form of a tortoise (Koorma incarnation) and worshipped Lord Shiva, Shiva got the name “Kachabeswara”.

Kachaleeswarar temple is located at Armenian Street in the George Town area of Chennai, South India. The main railway station of the Chennai city, Central Railway Station is located at a distance of around 3.5km from this temple.

There is a famous temple for Lord Kachabeswara in Kanchipuram city, which is around 75 kms from Chennai. Talavay Chettiar, a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva used to visit Kachabeswara temple in Kanchipuram whenever he wished to. But during one of such visits, he could not reach Kanchipuram due to heavy rains and had to return. He was extremely sad over the incident. Then, he built a temple for the same God – Kachabeswara in Chennai. He took eight years to complete the work, and the temple got completed in the year 1720 CE. In due course, the name of the Lord beca…

Kalikambal Temple - Chennai

Did the great Maratha King Sivaji visit Chennai? Did the Britishers demolish a temple to build Fort St. George? Is the city named after a Goddess? Let me discuss about all these in this article on Kalikambal Temple.

Who is Kalikambal? 

Kali is a ferocious form of Goddess in Hinduism. She is also called as Kalika. Hence, Kalika Ambal refers to Kali. Similar to Delhi (Kalkaji mandir) and Kolkata, Chennai city also has an ancient temple of Kali.

Where is this temple located?

Kalikambal Temple is located in Thambu Chetty Street in George Town area. It is easily reachable from Parrys Corner or Beach Railway Station.

Kalika or Kamakshi?

Although the Goddess of the temple is called as Kalika, the iconography of the idol does not resemble any form of Kali. She is found in the seated posture similar to that of Kamakshi. She is also called as "Neithal Nila Kamakshi".

Although there is no historical evidence or record, it is widely believed that the original temple of Kalikambal was loca…

Kalatheeswarar Temple, Chennai, India

Kalatheeswarar temple, located at Coral Merchant Street in Mannady/George Town area of Chennai, South India, is a small but old temple, which is quite popular in and around George Town area. The temple is located at a distance of around 3.5 kms from Chennai Central Railway Station. The bus stop and the railway station are not nearby. Hence, you need to take a cycle rickshaw or auto rickshaw to reach this place, if you are not on your own vehicle.

The main deity of the temple is Lord Shiva in the form of Linga, who is named as Kalatheeswarar. There is a separate shrine for the goddess Gnanambikai. All the idols including Kalatheeswarar and Gnanambikai are very small in this temple. The idol of the goddess is stunningly beautiful. There are also shrines for other gods and goddesses such as Ayyappa, Manjanamata, Chandikeshwara, Shivlinga, Subramanya along with Valli-Devasena, Ganesha, and Navagraha.

Ganesha, Dakshinamurti, Vishnu, Brahma and Durga are found as niche images.

Happy trave…

Chennai Mallikeswarar Temple

It is indeed difficult to believe that there is such a big temple located in the ever-congested Lingi Chetti Street of George Town in Chennai. Mallikeswarar Temple, which is also called as Mallikarjuna Temple, is not to be confused with Chenna Malleeswarar Temple. This temple is much older. Even in 1652 CE, the British records mention this temple as an old temple. They call it as Mally Carjun's Old Pagoda. Hence, it is evident that the temple is older than the colonial era. There is a possibility that this temple could have been built in the 16th century CE or even before that. In the entire Black Town area, if we go by the available historical records, I believe, this is the oldest temple.

It is said that the temple was completely buried under the ground and only the top most portion showed up. The entire temple was discovered by digging up the land. When did this happen? There is no historical record. However, it is true that the temple is below road level. The pillared hall in…

Armenian Church

It is believed that Armenians came to Chennai city in the 16th century CE for the purpose of trade and they settled down in the city slowly. The Armenian church or the Church of Virgin Mary was constructed by the Armenian community in 1712 CE. The church is located in Armenian street in George Town area of Chennai, which is hardly 1.5 km from the Central Railway station.

The Armenians were once a rich community that made significant contributions, economic and cultural, to the Chennai city. Now there are only 275 registered Armenians in India.

The church got destroyed during the French invasion and it was rebuilt in 1772 CE.

Armenian church is well maintained even though it has hardly any visitor nowadays. It has a huge complex with a small chapel and a tower. The highlight of the church is the tower which has six bells, which are believed to be the largest and heaviest in and around Chennai city. Each bell weighs approximately 200 kg. The oldest bell belongs to 1754, there is one w…