September 26, 2009

Shopping paradise in Chennai - T.Nagar South Usman Road

T.Nagar is the poor man's shopping paradise in Chennai. Any shopping in Chennai will not be complete without visiting T.Nagar's South Usman Road and Ranganathan Street. You can buy anything from a small safety pin to a diamond necklace worth lakh rupees in T.Nagar. The only problem is the place is crowded like anything. You will find it difficult even to walk.

T.Nagar's South Usman Road and the narrow Ranganathan Street have lot of pavement shops as well as retail outlets and showrooms. The proximity to Mambalam Railway Station and T.Nagar bus stand has also made this area as a preferred shopping spot.

You can buy anything from a small plastic mug to fridge and washing machine in the storse such as Saravana Stores and Saravana Selvaratnam. You can buy all varieties of stainless steel materials in the shops like Ratna Stores and Saravana Stores. Hotel Saravana Bhavan and Murugan Idli are there for good food. Pothys, Kumaran Silks, RmKV, and Chennai silks offer you varieties of cloth materials. GR Thanga Maligai and Kerala Jewellers are some of the popular jewellery shops in the area. The varieties of shops and the things that you can buy in those stores are endless.

Happy travelling.

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