July 25, 2009

Mystic Village, CT, USA

Mystic village is another attraction in Mystic town apart from Mystic Aquarium. If you step out of Mystic Aquarium and just cross the road, you will reach Mystic Village.

You will get a unique shopping experience in this calm and beautiful shopping paradise. You can wander around this beautiful friendly environment as there are around 40 shops, which sell various articles from all over the world. There are also various restaurants in this area.

This beautiful picnic spot will give you a feeling as if you are wandering somewhere in England and not in the US. You can always find some concert in the park in this area. Regardless of whether you just want to do shopping or wander leisurely on your own, this would be one of the best places for sure in CT.

With this, my series of posts on Mystic is over. Let me start a new series on another destination in my next post. Keep your fingers crossed. Till then...

Happy travelling.

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